Friday, April 30, 2010

stump / the lOST sANITY dEVICE / drk
untitled lp#1

i'm releasing my first actual vinyl on september 21, 2010... which is a tuesday (a record release day)... and i'm going to be 33 like my favorite record speed (well, if i wanted to be technical i'd wait four more months 'til i'm 33 1/3 to do this)... so i'm taking this as a sign that it's about time i start making real records instead of just cassettes, cds, and free digital downloads.

so hopefully this doesn't just become another one of my little projects nobody ever really notices or even cares about in the long run... so what am i gonna do about it?

i'm doing a short run of vinyl before my birthday and painting all the covers or collaging them the way people envision their design or just tell me to do what i want on them... plus the first people who pre-order them can choose a song they would like to go on the vinyl too... they're only 12 dollars for the u.s. with shipping included and 2 more for over seas... you can donate a little more if you'd like to help me out since it's really costly and a lot of work but you don't have to... i really just want to make some art and vinyl finally that'll get out in the world.

it's a ltd. ed. of 150 for the painted ones and 100 will have inner sleeves with little pictures of the scans from the 150 different designs printed on them... i'm sure they'll be worth maybe 15 dollars after i'm dead... but if they do sell... maybe we'll see untitled lp#2... and then a little triple 7" album in a square deluxe box set edition for untitled lp#3 with a book with all the paintings from before in it... that's what i imagined today but i doubt it will get past the first set... please buy one if you can and make my birthday wish come true... the present for me is the present i'll make for you.

thanks all you who visit my lousy blog.


<a href="">03.28.10 by stump</a>
12" lp in hand painted shells (pre-order)
free download / listen
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


<a href="">04.20.10 by stump</a>

Saturday, April 17, 2010

stump - forgotten favors and discarded handouts (2k5)

<a href="">fear was just a part of indecision by stump</a>
ep: try / listen / myspace / bandsite

i plan on re-releasing this ep within the next year as part of a 12" double ep... i just don't know who'll be on the other side yet... if you'd like to make a donation towards getting a copy when it's pressed... suggested donation is $5 for minimum of 1 copy... if you're an artist interested on being on the other side and want to raise half the costs... let me know.

Monday, April 5, 2010

keeping hopeful of an ending being a beginning and beginning to end...


thanks everyone who took an interest and downloaded and listened to this silly little project of mine over the past four and a half months... which i began to fear would never end.

i tried to stop it after one season... but there i was posting another melody at the last minute... starting a new pile on the pile of melody doodles that was getting larger than all the snow around my broken down car... made it through the computer viruses and human viruses usually procrastinating to the last minute... but i always made it... day after day... week after week... nineteenth to eighteenth... and it's become the time to stop... before the routine became years to tears.

this ridiculous project began as the result of a twenty-mile or so bike trip one day in the late summer that ended with a dex-plan in desperate need of being executed from my mind.

at the end of my untamed thought process was a poorly constructed idea that i should take my bike, the leftover cash i had from tax refund checks for work i did over three years ago, a change of clothes, and my laptop and go south to the staff music and buy a nice little nylon backpack guitar... then i'd look north and go left. everyday i would find a nice park in a different city and take the time to record a new song as i watched the leaves change colors and take a picture to go with it to remember that day... with no destination set other than look north and go left.

yep. great plan when you're whacked out out on cough syrup.

i looked north and went left. that was the title i imagined for the original project... the sidebar and the return trip were going to be documented as... i walked down the shore (a video/music diary) and a crooked diagonal line isn't always the fastest way home.

when i came to the next day i was glad i didn't reboot and let my manic tendencies go into overdrive like i normally let them do... instead i took a week to let my imagination go wild with all the horrible scenarios i could run into while embarking on a solo and very poorly funded kamikaze mission with minimal-yet-heavy and expensive gear on my back through unknown terrain... part of me wishes i would have, and if someone would fund the project with set destinations so i'd be half-way safe from myself and the world, i'd do it in a heartbeat since i always need something unconventional to do to keep me from getting too depressed... but no-one with a lot of money lives in my imaginary world... and they don't put people with illnesses like mine on the wake a wish calendar.


the idea kept haunting me into fall... i thought of it as the idea that could have killed me or saved me... i needed a solution to the problem, so instead of going on a manic mission i decided to take this other much safer route along the lines of an apple a day cliché to keep me from getting too down during the upcoming winter... for almost a year, the year before, i went to place in my mind where there was no music and art at all... it was a very bad place and it was a place i didn't want to go back to again for a third time.

so maybe a melody a day would keep the doctor away...

...we'll see what happens next.

listen with an open mind.


Saturday, April 3, 2010


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