Friday, April 30, 2010

stump / the lOST sANITY dEVICE / drk
untitled lp#1

i'm releasing my first actual vinyl on september 21, 2010... which is a tuesday (a record release day)... and i'm going to be 33 like my favorite record speed (well, if i wanted to be technical i'd wait four more months 'til i'm 33 1/3 to do this)... so i'm taking this as a sign that it's about time i start making real records instead of just cassettes, cds, and free digital downloads.

so hopefully this doesn't just become another one of my little projects nobody ever really notices or even cares about in the long run... so what am i gonna do about it?

i'm doing a short run of vinyl before my birthday and painting all the covers or collaging them the way people envision their design or just tell me to do what i want on them... plus the first people who pre-order them can choose a song they would like to go on the vinyl too... they're only 12 dollars for the u.s. with shipping included and 2 more for over seas... you can donate a little more if you'd like to help me out since it's really costly and a lot of work but you don't have to... i really just want to make some art and vinyl finally that'll get out in the world.

it's a ltd. ed. of 150 for the painted ones and 100 will have inner sleeves with little pictures of the scans from the 150 different designs printed on them... i'm sure they'll be worth maybe 15 dollars after i'm dead... but if they do sell... maybe we'll see untitled lp#2... and then a little triple 7" album in a square deluxe box set edition for untitled lp#3 with a book with all the paintings from before in it... that's what i imagined today but i doubt it will get past the first set... please buy one if you can and make my birthday wish come true... the present for me is the present i'll make for you.

thanks all you who visit my lousy blog.


<a href="">03.28.10 by stump</a>
12" lp in hand painted shells (pre-order)
free download / listen
/ myspace

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